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Programs for unique housing needs and mental wellness

Transitionary Housing – EWCS aids in providing homeless individuals and/or their families short-term, interim stay while transitioning to a permanent location. 

Recovery Treatment – Where do people go to recover from an illness or how long does it take to heal from physical injury? We partner with Bay Area clinics who are driven, like us, to help people when they need it the most. 

Mental Health Wellness – For those that are in need of psychiatric aid, we provide mental wellness resources for around-the-clock care.



Home first

Housing Restoration – We do our best to give the homeless quality, affordable housing in the Bay Area. EWCS buys over single-family homes, multiple-unit homes, and apartment complexes to remodel in Oakland so that residents can stay within the community they grew up in. 

Housing Fund – To aid our growth in the area, we provide landlords with financial incentives and support so that they can fill their units with people in need. Our staff will provide any type of housing service for assisted living while cultivating a healthy landlord-to-tenant relationship. 

Prevention – Our organization is working to not only end homelessness one step at a time, but also prevent homelessness at the core. As housing costs continue to rise in the Bay Area, affordable housing becomes more and more difficult to find. We are using financial aid to help our residents ideally acquire long-term housing to keep for their children in the future with the help of the City of Oakland.

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Growing our mission through land

Development – To aid in our home first movement, we have continually dedicated resources to building more homes for our residents. EWCS has restored many existing structures along with abandoned, broken down homes into affordable living units. We hope to persist in our on-going renovations and developments for the community.


Specialized Management Services

Services – We provide our residents with around-the-clock housing management services such as lease screenings, property inspections, routine housing check-ups and preventative care, specially-designed financial reports, and unique consultations. Our staff understands that each person and/or family has a unique living situation so each meeting is curated to fit their wants and needs when it comes to suitable living. 

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