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Eastwest Community Services envisions a world without homelessness by taking one step at a time.


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We value improving the health and well-being of our Bay Area community through affordable housing.
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Residential services

EWCS encompasses compassion and empathy in their services for those in need of a home. In their time of crisis, each individual will be given 1:1 guidance on achieving long-term housing goals and stability in the community.

housing solutions

We are dedicated to ending homelessness in the Bay Area. Our team members are determined to find housing options for every individual or family that is in need. While housing is guaranteed to improve quality of life, EWCS will provide resources to maintain their housing stability. 

supportive housing development

EWCS is determined to build from the ground up so that the people we serve can acquire a home and learn how to keep it. The team continuously works to flip existing old, unused structures in the Bay Area into supportive housing units. 

property management

We staffed our organization with experienced specialists to carry out our property management experiences such as serving homeless, low-income, veterans, and disabled people in the Bay Area. 

EWCS is determined to improve the safety of our Oakland neighborhoods. This mission will stem from our professional developments in the city along with personally aiding the physical and mental wellness of our formerly-homeless individuals. 


Our mission is to provide homeless families with sanctuary.

Our men, women, and children reach the height of their crisis while living on the streets of Oakland. EWCS serves its community by working to get our people out of homeless  encampments and and shelters and into affordable housing. We hope to improve the lives of our fellow residents in order to show them that we all deserve equitable living in the Bay Area.

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Our staff members will always respond to a person in need with a smile on their face.
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We can provide affordable housing for everyone.
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