Ways To Give

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Donate for your community

Make a difference and invest in your community. In order to help people come off the streets and to promote healthy living, we need your assistance in making that happen. Without any type of intervention for these people, they will return to the cycle of bad habits. Your funds will allocate towards our offered services for our residents so that they can finally live in a home, maintain stability, get a job, and work on their mental health. 

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Give to others

Begin your legacy giving to make a large impact that can span over generations. We hope your passion is as strong as ours in saving the Bay Area community from homelessness. With this type of planned giving, you can create a new or update a current will that specifies a percentage of your assets or specific value that you would like to donate. 

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Volunteer with us

Many Bay Area like-minded people volunteer their time and skills to EWCS. We serve with people at our housing locations along with our partnered shelter programs. Volunteer services can range from serving on our management staff and building sites to serving meals and tutoring our residents’ children.